Stay Safe When Your Car Breaks Down

All of us hope that it never happens to us when we are driving, but car break-downs are a fact of life. It's important to stay safe during a road emergency. Remembering a few important steps will keep you safer as you navigate the Cheyenne, WY region.

As soon as you notice that your car has died or that you have a flat tire, turn on your vehicle's hazard lights. Find a safe place where you can pull off of the road as far as possible. If you can get to a parking lot, that is better than being on the side of a busy road. If you have to stop near a busy street, stay in the vehicle until help arrives to avoid being hit by passing traffic.

If you experience a roadside emergency, come to Halladay Auto Group for your car repair needs. The service department can perform a wide variety of repairs on several types of vehicles.

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