Music Your Way in the Nissan Kicks

Whether you want to jam out with friends or you need to keep things quiet during a long road trip, the Nissan Kicks has you covered. This all-new subcompact SUV is available with an innovative audio system. It's also available at our dealership with a feature-rich infotainment center that offers plenty of media options.

The Bose Personal Plus Sound System utilizes multiple speakers throughout the cabin. They incorporate Bose technology to improve sound quality and acoustics. One of the most unique features of the system is the PersonalSpace Control. If your passengers want peace and quiet, you can still enjoy music through the speakers on the driver's seat headrest.

To help you find the right music, Nissan offers a robust infotainment center. It has a large touch screen display and numerous built-in applications. You can access local radio stations, satellite stations, and stream music directly from your smartphone device.



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