How do You Know What Size Tires Your Car Requires?

You need a new tire, but how do you know if you're purchasing the correct size to match the ones you already have? Well you have to know how to read the size that is on every tire. Our auto parts team here at Halladay Auto Group can help.

Once you learn how to decipher tire code, you'll find that it never really was too difficult. First thing is to locate the number; you should find it on the side wall on the outer portion of the tire. Look for a certain series of three numbers, for this example we will be using: 215/65R15. Starting with the first three numbers, 215, this stands for the width of the tire from side wall to side wall and is measured in millimeters. The second number, 65, tells you the ratio of sidewall height to width, also measured in millimeters. The third number, 15, represents the wheel diameter.

Now, this may sound confusing the first couple of times, just try not to overthink it. If you have any questions, come on over to Halladay Auto Group right here in Cheyenne, WY. Our team would love help you anyway we can.

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