The GMC Canyon Exudes Functional Style

The popular GMC Canyon comes with many features that add to the pickup truck's ability to store cargo, protect the bed and deliver easy access. Choose the durable and permanent spray on bed-liner to protect the entire truck bed along with the tailgate, box top rail and tie-down hooks. The corner steps that are built into the rear bumper allow you to quickly climb into the bed or access cargo whether the tailgate is opened or closed.

The array of available cargo accessories include truck bed dividers and tiered rails. The Canyon truck's unique styling features include a chromed grille, head and tail lights, door handles and mirror caps. You get brighter and longer-lasting lighting thanks to the LED bulbs in the head and tail lights. Learn more about the GMC truck's many features and options by visiting our Halladay Auto Group showroom. Why not take one for a test drive?



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