What are Gaskets?

In order for your vehicle to run properly, the parts that are responsible for it to function require lubrication to keep them moving efficiently. Gaskets are the thin molded and die cut pieces that fit snugly between the two parts to keep the oil from seeping out. Gaskets also stop the gases produced by the engine and water that cools the system from escaping.

They may be constructed of several layers of very thin steel, copper, and rubber. Even though you don’t usually see the gaskets, you know they’re doing their job if your car has the right amount of compression. That occurs because of the seal between the engine and cylinder heads. Another area where a gasket is crucial is between the intake manifold and the engine’s cylinders. As the first area for the exhaust system, the gasket keeps noxious fumes contained and the environment cool.

If you’ve noticed a loss of compression, exhaust leak, or overheating, it’s time to have your vehicle inspected. We’re here at Halladay Auto Group in the Cheyenne, WY area to assist you with your auto parts or repair questions.