Work and Play in the Nissan Titan XD Pickup Truck

Whether you're heading to a construction site or a park, the Nissan Titan XD provides the appropriate accommodations for your trip. Available with a full-size cabin, this light-duty pickup runs on a powerful V8 engine block that's decorated with the Endurance badge.

Featuring eight cylinders and 32 valves, the vehicle's 5.6 L gasoline-powered engine whips out up to 390 hp and just under 395 lb-ft of torque. Rated at 200 amps, a durable alternator works with iridium-tipped spark plugs to initiate combustion. A valvetrain with the Variable Valve Event and Lift technology is standard in this Nissan pickup truck.

The Titan XD model also has a transfer case that smoothly transmits torque from the seven-speed transmission system to the 4x2 drive or 4x4 drive. A rear differential could be locked to optimize torque in the rear wheels. Additionally, this robust vehicle has a solid axle in the multi-leaf rear suspension system.



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