The All-New Buick Envision Safety Features

The Buick Envision has become a small luxury SUV that you can trust is taking care of you on the road. Here are a couple safety features drivers of this vehicle appreciate.

One safety feature in the Buick Envision, the Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, scans the road and will alert you if the vehicle begins to coast over the lane lines. When the turn signals are not used, the Buick Envision corrects drifting issues to help avoid possible collisions from slipping out of the driving lanes.

When the Buick Envision is in reverse, this is when the Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature will be activated. The system is scanning around the vehicle to ensure the coast is clear, scanning 65 feet in either direction for any oncoming traffic.

We have the Buick Envision here at Halladay Auto Group so you can take it out for a test drive today.



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