Get the Most Out of Your Blind Spot Monitor

Here at Halladay Auto Group in Cheyenne, WY, our team has a goal to help our customers understand their vehicles, so they can get the most out of them. Newer models are equipped with advanced safety features that offer superior protection. Among these safety features include a blind spot monitor, which is one of the most popular safety features in the automotive industry.

A blind spot monitor works with sensors that detect vehicles that are approaching your blind spot zones. When a vehicle enters your blind spot, the monitor will issue a warning to let you know it isn't safe to change lanes. Most of the time, warnings are visual and audible alerts.

Many drivers like to use blind spot monitors because they reduce the risk of lane-change collisions. In fact, the IIHS reported that blind spot monitors reduce injuries that happen in lane-change collisions by 23 percent and reduce lane-change collisions by 14 percent.

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