Maintain Your Vehicle for a Cool Summer Drive

The summer heat can stress your vehicle’s engine and cause it to run hotter than usual. In modern aluminum block engines, an overheated motor can turn into an expensive repair. In the worst cases, the engine made need to be replaced.

Along with engine oil; the main protection against engine overheating is the cooling system. Antifreeze, or coolant, is circulated through the engine to keep vital engine components from becoming too hot. Over time, two things may occur. The cooling system may develop corrosion or the coolant itself may become weak and ineffective. To protect the motor, both should be checked periodically.

A trained technician at Halladay Auto Group can flush the cooling system to remove corrosion to allow the coolant to flow freely. He or she can also replace weak coolant. This maintenance is a small premium to pay for protection against high engine repair bills and keep your car running smoothly.



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