Enjoy the Performance of the New Nissan Pathfinder

The seven-passenger Pathfinder remains one of the most popular SUVs around thanks to its spacious interior and easy handling. Yet, the new models also promise to provide better performance. Experience the joy of owning and driving the SUV by taking one of our new Nissan Pathfinders for a road test.

The SUV comes standard with a 3.5-liter, six-cylinder engine, which is capable of putting out up to 284 horsepower. The direct fuel injection system ensures the power you need when you press the gas pedal. Yet, the Pathfinder is easy on gas and your wallet.

The engine, transmission, and suspension make the Pathfinder ideal for road trips. Bring along a boat, a couple of motorcycles, or ATVs. The SUV hauls up to 6,000 pounds with no problem. If driving in inclement weather or on rough terrain, the 4x4 system ensures each wheel receives the necessary traction to meet the challenge.



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