Nissan Versa Note: Big Performance in a Subcompact

The Nissan Versa Note is a stylish subcompact hatchback that offers plenty of room and top performance. One of the main reasons why consumers choose a subcompact is that they do not need the room of a larger vehicle. They also choose them because they want the fuel efficiency. When they drive the Nissan Versa Note, many are surprised at the power and performance.

The efficient 1.6L engine provides the efficiency that subcompact owners expect at 39 MPG highway. The continuously variable transmission is now in its 3rd generation and uses dynamic engine inputs like speed and accelerator pedal position to determine the ideal gear ratio needed for a smooth acceleration. This provides more power and better fuel economy than traditional transmission systems. You will not even notice the seamless shifting.

When you stop by Halladay Auto Group, you are in for a pleasant surprise when you test drive the Nissan Versa Note.



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