GMC Sierra 1500: Programmed for Your Preferences

Whether you need a truck or want one, you want it have more than just the ability to pull and tow. The popular light-duty GMC Sierra 1500 has more and does more. Check out a couple of its connectivity features.

Sierra's infotainment system is not just user friendly, it's intuitive. With improved voice recognition and faster response time, the system is customizable for your personal settings, which work even when you are in a different yet compatible Sierra. Just sign in and enjoy what you've programmed in your profile. This feature also allows you to connect two devices simultaneously, download in-vehicle apps, and access available advanced navigation. You'll also enjoy the high-quality sounds of Sierra's Bose Premium Sound System. With well-placed speakers, audio is clearer and crisper.

There's a Sierra waiting for you to test drive. Just stop by Halladay Auto Group.



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